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 Fit Over 40

Darrin Robinson was chosen through a world wide search of top fitness professionals to develop a body sculpting program specifically for men over 40.

emerge_blog  Is unlike anything out there today !

We are a fitness lifestyle studio. Everything we do at Emerge is designed to make our clients look and feel better than they thought possible.




We are not a Boot Camp, Cross Fit, Curves or other group style training class

Even though they are marketed otherwise, boot camps and most group classes focus mainly on fitness and performance endurance not weight or fat loss. They perform many repetitive unstable “functional” exercises to improve a client’s level of fitness or endurance. This is not the best way to change the look of one’s physique. Another downside to this approach is since many exercises performed are unstable (often technical) free weight movements they require very specific instruction. In the group class environment it isn’t possible for the instructor to pay the amount of attention required to each individual to ensure proper technique therefore injuries are a major concern.

At Emerge, even though we mainly focus on health and body image goals, a client’s level of fitness and performance will improve greatly too. Most exercises performed at Emerge are done in a controlled manner therefore reducing the risk of injury and ensuring isolation of the muscles targeted. This approach along with one on one workouts is the best way to change one’s body as quickly and safely as possible.


Emerge Lifestyle and Fitness Training

Is a fitness lifestyle studio where people come to change the way they look and feel. We have developed The Emerge Lifestyle, the most complete approach to getting into the best shape of your life and maintaining it. Emerge founder Darrin Robinson has three decades of experience helping people achieve their goals. Thousands of people have learned how to eat and exercise to not only achieve their goals faster than thought possible but more often than not their goals were exceeded.



At Emerge we understand that it isn’t easy to make these changes on your own, that’s why clients are assigned an Emerge Mentor to guide them on their journey. Emerge Mentors eat they way they educate clients to eat, they exercise the way they educate clients to exercise. They don’t do one thing for themselves and have clients do the latest and greatest fads for “fun”, they ensure that clients are doing everything they have to to reach their goals. The Emerge Mentors are available to their clients 24/7 to answer questions or concern and help them over any and all hurdles they may experience living their new lifestyle.


Having someone guide you through a new lifestyle makes it so much easier and also takes the responsibility from you to reach your goals and rests it on your Emerge Mentor. All you have to do is what you are told, it is the Mentors job to ensure that you are always moving in the right direction. You are never on your own when you are an Emerge client, you always workout with your Mentor and your body is monitored on a regular basis with dietary and program changes made specifically for you as required.


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