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Are You Ready for Summer?

Summer is coming, time to emerge from the sweaters and pants and into more revealing attire. Are you ready to emerge? The best way to be ready for the summer is to be ready year round (sorry for the bad news). Before I started living the Emerge Lifestyle I used to diet hard for months to be lean for summer. When summer was over I would go back to eating like “normal” and would slowly increase my body fat level. By the end of the Holiday season I usually have 15-20lbs of body fat to shed to get ready for summer again.

Every year it would get harder and take longer to lose the fat stored over the colder months. When what used to take 8 weeks took 12-16 weeks I decided it was time to change. By changing my year round lifestyle I was able to easily maintain low body fat levels (far below what the average client aims for) without sacrificing everything. Now I only “tighten” up my regular diet for a few weeks to get ready for the summer. Emerge clients living the Emerge Lifestyle know it’s better to give up a little year round, than to give up a lot half the year.

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