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Spring is here, time to get your body ready for summer

Spring is in the air, you know what that means? Summer is around the corner! Time to leave our caves and start socializing outside again, patios, BBQs, pool parties, cottage time, you name it. There are a few things you will encounter during this most social part of the year, excess food, excess beverages and […]

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Team Emerge has three new members

Emerge has sponsored three women for fitness modeling and fitness competitions for one year. I am very excited to welcome Candice Kay, Emilee Farmer and Ally Rieth to the team. Follow us on facebook and our Team Emerge Blog to watch them go through their transformations as well as how they perform on stage!

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The Importance of Weighing and Measuring

Ok so we are one week into the new year and for many the new diet. As someone who has been watching what he eats for many years you would think that I can figure out my meals in my sleep. For the most part I can but where I tend to need work from […]

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New Year and a New You

New Year and Time for a New You! It’s January 2nd, the actual day most people start their New Years resolutions. I have to admit that even I let my cravings and dietary desires take control during December (ok you got me, November too) and even though I continue to workout my body changes (for […]

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New Pricing Structure Makes Joining Emerge Easier Than Ever!

We know that the Emerge programs have not always been an option for everyone due to the large financial commitment required. That has just changed! We have made our fitness lifestyle programs available to every budget by not only lowering prices but also by making packages with 100% flexible and customizable terms. If you have […]

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