Time To Emerge


water consumption

Water intake is very important, hydration or dehydration can effect your body’s many functions from performance to fat-burning etc. Ensuring you are properly hydrated is crucial in order to lead a healthy life and have your body run like a fine tuned machine. When you consume the proper amount of water you have a proper […]

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I Hate Cardio

So everyone knows that I HATE cardio and that I don’t get my clients to do it. Why? Several reasons, first it takes too much time and energy. I would rather have clients spend time creating new meals and focusing on their nutrition to lose fat instead of sweating on a treadmill for hours each […]

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Ditch Your Fat Friends

Ok, I’ll admit this sounds rather harsh, but it isn’t if you are serious about your fat loss goals. I have seen it a thousand times and lived it myself, friends are often less supportive than you would like when it comes to achieving your body image goals. When trying to change to a healthier […]

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