Time To Emerge



What began as a twelve week personal challenge prior to my 42nd birthday has become an entirely new way of being. For the first time in nearly thirty years, I feel truly comfortable in my own skin and that’s an incredible gift! Now, I will approach all of my birthdays with a sense of pride […]

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I have exercised my whole life and was tired of working out and not reaching my goals so when I heard of Emerge I thought I’d check it out to see if they really were all they claimed to be. From the minute of the first meeting I was impressed with the program — they […]

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Last fall I was searching for a total fitness solution which would include nutrition and exercise. I had been doing my own thing for a few years but was not getting the results and I was getting frustrated. I met up with a friend whom I hadn’t seen in a few months and immediately noticed […]

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The Emerge Lifestyle is not just a diet it is a lifestyle change that works! I tried many different diets that worked, I lost pounds but I did not see the visual results I wanted. Emerge helped my husband and I learn appropriate food choices and meal sizes based on our individual bodies. With just […]

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I had wanted to get in shape for years but had all the excuses. I was almost 50 and did not like how I looked or felt. I stepped on the scale one day and it read 267lbs so I knew I had to get serious. After 7 months at Emerge I have lost 55lbs […]

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