Time To Emerge

Founders Bio

Darrin RobinsonArticlephoto

has been involved in the fitness industry one way or another for 3 decades. It was his own journey to improve his body image that eventually took him from the boardrooms of the corporate world to trenches on the gym floor.

Darrin fitness journey started in his early 20s with a desire to change the way his body looked. Sifting through books and magazine articles left him more confused than enlightened with the overwhelming amount of contradictions and opposing theories. It seemed that no experts at the time could agree on one main approach to get into great shape, every expert had their own agenda or they were coming up with an approach that would appeal to the general public, as long as it sold and made money it didnt matter if it was effective or not.

To help him sort through the sea of misinformation Darrin became certified as a fitness trainer and a specialist in performance nutrition through The International Sports Science Association (the most complete and complex courses available at the time). With his new found knowledge he became his own Guinea pig trying many different approaches and recording everything from how training and nutrition effected his body, moods and lifestyle. After reviewing years of notes and graphs Darrin discovered what type of nutrition approach and training approach gave him the best of all worlds. This discovery lead to what is now The Emerge Lifestyle. (See image for Darrin’s transformation) This also enabled Darrin to get into the best shape he had ever been in while living a “normal life” and not one of deprivation.

With the changes friends, family and other gym members seen in Darrin the requests started coming in for him to help others do the same. At this point Darrin realized his passion didn’t lie in the boardroom but in the gym so he walked away from the corporate world and became a trainer at Canada’s largest chain of health clubs. In a matter of weeks Darrin became in high demand (mainly due to walking the walk, not just talking the talk) and started breaking all sales records for personal training. In the five years that he worked for the gym as a trainer and fitness manager Darrin was able to work and interact with thousands of gym members. This enabled Darrin to further develop The Emerge Lifestyle since now he had other Guinea pigs with different challenges that had to be overcome in order to help them reach their body image an health goals.

After cutting his teeth for those five years he opened up his own training studio and started working with everyone from morbidly obese 500+ pound people to the top fitness models and fitness competitors in the country and everyone in between. He also helped launch and grow Canada’s most successful fitness magazine, Inside Fitness, as Associate Editor. He began writing training, healthy cooking and nutrition articles that have appeared in various fitness and non fitness publications world wide (135 countries). He was also a consultant for several fitness organizations because of his success with fitness competitors on stage. He became the International Head Judge and Vice President for Fitness STAR International a company that holds fitness model search competitions as a feed system for their fitness modelling agency. He has judged fitness competitions from Vancouver Canada to Mumbai India, his eye for what people need to look their physical best is what has made him successful with people on and off the competition stage.

Darrin and his team of Emerge Mentors are armed with an tremendous amount of knowledge and experience when it comes to helping people reach their goals. Their dedication and passion for helping people change separates them from the run of the mill trainers most people hire. Like Darrin his Emerge Mentors live The Emerge Lifestyle and can show you how easy it is too. There are very few people that can match the experience level that Darrin has in the fitness industry. Darrin and his Emerge Mentors may not be the first trainers you see but they will be your last. Darrin believes that if he could make the changes that he made to his body that anyone can they just need to be shown the right way, the Emerge way.