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I Hate Cardio

So everyone knows that I HATE cardio and that I don’t get my clients to do it. Why? Several reasons, first it takes too much time and energy. I would rather have clients spend time creating new meals and focusing on their nutrition to lose fat instead of sweating on a treadmill for hours each week.

Cardio burns fat but it burns muscle too, muscle is what keeps your metabolism fired up. When you lose muscle you slow your metabolism, this makes it hard to keep the weight off. On top of that only half the calories you burn doing cardio come from fat, the other calories come from muscle. So basically the average person walking on a treadmill for an hour might burn around 500-600 calories, only half of those calories coming from fat means you burn about 1-2oz of fat. Do that daily and you burn a whopping 1/2 – 3/4 pound of fat (and the same amount of muscle) per week. If you eat 500 calories below your maintenance level you will burn 1lb of fat per week while maintaining muscle. I’d much rather eat less for a better end result.

Think of an elite level marathon runners body, lean yes but very skinny. Having little muscle is the ideal physique to run for a long time. Conversely if you look at a sprinters physique they are very muscular. Sprinters never do cardio, it goes against their sport specific goals.

You may not want to look as muscular as a sprinter but you should train and eat like you do on order to achieve the kind of body you want faster. Stop thinking about cardio or exercise as your way to burn calories and get thin or leaner. Look at your time in the gym as the way you reshape your muscles and your body, the way you eat outside the gym should be where you burn fat.

If you are having a hard time getting your head around this cardio builds a skinny undesirable physique take a look at the people doing cardio in the gym. The people with the worst bodies are on the cardio equipment day and in and day out, the people with the best bodies are be the free weights. Reshape your body with weights, maintain or increase your metabolism with weights, lose the fat by eating properly.

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