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I have exercised my whole life and was tired of working out and not reaching my goals so when I heard of Emerge I thought I’d check it out to see if they really were all they claimed to be. From the minute of the first meeting I was impressed with the program — they were honest and up-front on the commitment I needed to make to reach my goals and in exchange the commitment the Emerge team would make to me in reaching those goals. The other thing that impressed me was that all the trainers at Emerge ‘walk the talk’ — they are all in awesome shape and they do exactly what they teach their clients to do. I have been in a few gyms and would not even consider paying some of the so-called personal trainers to train me as it is evident that they are not committed to their own fitness goals. I was set up for success from day one — my trainer ensured that I understood the importance of my diet and gave me valuable information on how to ensure I could maintain the eating plan while travelling — which in my work is extensive. My workouts were hard but so empowering — they push you to your limits because they believe in you, your commitment and the goals you have set for yourself. I just wish that I had heard about Emerge earlier as it has truly changed how I look and feel. I have always wanted to be my best — however, was convinced that running would give me the body I wanted — I am so glad that I invested and believed in myself and Emerge to transform to what I believe is my best body ever!! I have gone from a size 10 to a size 2 (17% body fat!) in 5 short months — and my journey there was truly inspiring. I can’t thank the trainers enough — it was truly a privilege to learn from them and they provided me with knowledge to maintain my Emerge lifestyle for life.
Date of Posting: 23 November 2010
Posted By: Joyce

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