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Ten years ago I joined a well know “weigh loss” program, I was able to lose 60 lbs in 3 months but I was so afraid to gain back the weight I would cut myself from food. Ten years of this behaviour had put a toll on my body, yes I was successful in losing the “weight” but I never lost the body fat I wanted. If I had a bit of extra food I would gain weight which is how my fear for food became part of my normal daily life. However, I truly thought I was in the best shape of my life and I believed I was healthy. The professionals at Emerge changed my life! They educated me on food and that food is my friend and to not fear foods. On my 3rd day of training Liz, another successful client of Emerge came over to speak to me, she wanted to know how I was doing, she heard about my story of weighting myself 3 times a day, in fact when I joined Emerge I handed over my scale to Darrin, it was a first step for me. Liz said something to me that really hit home “You have to look at Emerge as if your going back to school, you are here to relearn how to eat.” This was such a powerful message, “I have to re learn how to eat”. I joined on November 2009, I remember that day very well, my before picture was taken and I really thought I was in great shape. Four months later, Darrin calls me in for some “after” pictures to be taken, after the photo shoot, as I was about to leave, Darrin calls me into his office and says, take a look at my screen, there was my before picture next to the photo just taken. I looked at Darrin, “was that me?” I looked so skinny and sickly, I was totally taken back. I am so proud of my success, in just four months I was able to transform my body. The journey is not over, it has just begun! Any time, any place, you can be anyone you want today!
Date of Posting: 14 November 2010
Posted By: Martin

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