Time To Emerge

Program Options

The Emerge Lifestyle


  • Custom Meal Plan “Blue Print”
  • Meal Plan Tweaking as Required
  • Emerge Nutrition Handbook
  • Custom Post Workout Shakes
  • Bi Weekly Body Composition Testing
  • 24/7 Lifestyle Coaching

The Emerge Lifestyle is the most complete approach for improving one’s level of health or body image. Emerge founder Darrin Robinson realized early in his fitness career that in order for people to rapidly achieve and maintain their goals they need to change their lifestyle in and out of the gym. This is why Emerge Mentors educate their clients about exercise as well as nutrition and why the lifestyle packages are the main packages purchased by clients.

The program comes in two main components, the Emerge Meal Plan and Mentored Sessions. The Emerge Lifestyle is based on 3 mentored sessions a week but you can customize your program with as few or many sessions per week you wish. This enables you to work within your budget to get the most out of your dollar and the program.




Training Sessions:


Sessions are 50 minutes in length and are for those clients that have completed the Lifestyle program but would like to continue training without any other services. Sessions are also for those clients not seeking a full lifestyle approach or a nutrition component

Online Training:

Darrin has helped people around the world through online training.  Many services are available from custom meal plans and programs to Facetime or Skype consulting. Fitness competitors to regular fitness enthusiasts have all benefited from working with Darrin online so distance is no longer a barrier.


At Emerge we can customize any program to meet your specific needs and we offer flexable payment options on all Lifestyle packages.




L.E.A.P. Program:

(Learn Emerge’s Applied Principles) $999.00 plus HST

We have designed the LEAP program because we know not everyone can afford or commit to purchase full lifestyle packages. Our goal was to develop a program that would be more affordable yet still educate people on how to eat and workout to look and feel better. The LEAP program gives people the tools and direction so they can workout at their own gym or home at their own pace. This program is perfect for someone that is highly self-motivated and is already exercising and eating well but not seeing the results they should.

L.E.A.P. program includes:

  • Initial body composition test
  • Custom meal plan and Emerge Nutrition Handbook
  • Custom 3 day split workout program
  • 3 mentored training sessions to go over workout program and ensure proper form and intensity
  • 2 Bi weekly body composition tests to ensure progress
  • 1 Month of Lifestyle Coaching

To see a family’s 2.5 week results on our L.E.A.P. program, watch this video… Or click here.