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I was weighting 245 pounds, on high blood pressure medication, cholesterol medication and borderline diabetic. After reading the Emerge website from start to finish, I sent him an email with the subject matter ‘I think it is time’. I knew it was time to make the commitment. I like Darrin’s approach. He was direct,to the point and did not beat around the bush. He openly talked about the variables with this new lifestyle such as the change in eating, commitment to his exercise program and the cost. He taught me know your body reacts to specific foods and know you can effectively fuel your body to transform it. My expectations were skeptical going into this program.I thought I would lose 20 or 25 pounds and stay there and plateau. This was my past experience.When I got under 220 and was still losing weight, I came to terms that this was a real lifestyle change, not just a diet. After four months, and hitting the 50 pound weight loss goal, I realized I had been carrying this excess weight for 13 years. I am now off my cholesterol medication and my blood sugar readings are well within the normal range. My family has been very supportive in this journey. I did not need a tape measure to see how many inches I had lost. Last spring, my daughters could not wrap their around my waist. Today,their hands overlap. I would like to thank Darrin, Floyd and his team for helping me to achieve my goal.
Date of Posting: 09 June 2010
Posted By: Ron

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