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I had wanted to get in shape for years but had all the excuses. I was almost 50 and did not like how I looked or felt. I stepped on the scale one day and it read 267lbs so I knew I had to get serious. After 7 months at Emerge I have lost 55lbs and my body fat went from 30% to 13%. My waist went from 42” to 34, I feel like a new person and wish I would have done this years ago. In the past I spent a lot of money on fancy cars, trips, and toys. Nothing compares to the value and enjoyment I received from my time at Emerge. It works and I’m never going back to the way I was because I’ve learned how to eat and live in a different way. It’s actually easy once you know how. Darrin and his team are awesome, true professionals. I can’t thank them enough!
Date of Posting: 18 December 2011
Posted By: Dave

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