Time To Emerge

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I was due to make some lifestyle changes…. I needed a bit of body and mind tune up, ya know,kick it up a knoch….(so I thought)I read this ad in a newspaper….”It’s Time to emerge” Well …. I never would have imagined what I was in for! Meeting with Darrin and Brandon (my trainer)proved I had made the right choice.Obviously,they practice what they peach! Their knowledge and professionalism quickly shined through as my ideas were changed into a real life solid plan a of attack. With Darrin’s clean and healthy meal plan and direction…. Brandon’s 3 day a week focused regimented workout program…. The positive rewards just kept coming…. The expertise combination of Darrin and Brandon created a concrete healthy lifestyle change for me.I hit personal fitness levels and goals I never thought possible. My self esteem and confidence level increased as well. I live the “Emerge Lifestyle” everyday now, with ease! Thanks Emerge
Date of Posting: 09 June 2010
Posted By: Tim

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