Time To Emerge

What We Are Not

emerge_blog  Is unlike anything out there today !

We are a fitness lifestyle studio. Everything we do at Emerge is designed to make our clients look and feel better than they thought possible.



We are not a Boot Camp, Cross Fit, Curves or other group style training class

Even though they are marketed otherwise, boot camps and most group classes focus mainly on fitness and performance endurance not weight or fat loss. They perform many repetitive unstable “functional” exercises to improve a client’s level of fitness or endurance. This is not the best way to change the look of one’s physique. Another downside to this approach is since many exercises performed are unstable (often technical) free weight movements they require very specific instruction. In the group class environment it isn’t possible for the instructor to pay the amount of attention required to each individual to ensure proper technique therefore injuries are a major concern.

At Emerge, even though we mainly focus on health and body image goals, a client’s level of fitness and performance will improve greatly too. Most exercises performed at Emerge are done in a controlled manner therefore reducing the risk of injury and ensuring isolation of the muscles targeted. This approach along with one on one workouts is the best way to change one’s body as quickly and safely as possible.


We are not a commercial gym

Commercial gyms charge you a monthly fee then leave you alone to figure everything out. Most people that join gyms stop going after 6 weeks due to frustration from not seeing results and lacking an understanding of what to do to get into shape. They also are given no instruction on how they should eat in order to achieve their goals. Without knowing how and what to eat, a healthy body image will never be attained.

Emerge clients are never alone on the studio floor; they are coached, instructed and spotted every step of the way. A program is designed around the client’s goals, experience and any limitations. They are also given a customized meal plan and educated on how to eat properly to reach and maintain their goals.


fat-skinnyWe are not a weight loss center

Weight loss centers focus on one thing, WEIGHT loss. Weight loss centers like Weight Watchers, Herbal Magic, Jenny Craig, Nutri System, Dr. Bernstein’s, etc. show you how to eat less to lose weight. The weight lost with this approach is combination of body fat, water and muscle, with muscle and water often being the majority of the weight lost. This leads to a flabby shapeless body that still has a high percentage of body fat versus lean tissue. Without performing the proper type of exercise in addition to the right diet healthy body image goals cannot be achieved.

At Emerge we focus on FAT loss, maintaining the client’s muscle mass as well as metabolism. We educate the client how to eat and exercise for their body, not how to eat less. This approach ensures the client will be able to have an easier time maintaining their new body. Fully understanding how to eat and exercise is the only way to stay in shape year after year.


We are not a personal training studio

Most personal training studios are strictly just training, most are not legally allowed to create diets for clients. Working out, even with a trainer, is not enough to see big changes, nutrition plays a huge roll. If a trainer does give a client a diet it is typically the same cookie cutter diet they give everyone, not customized to the client. When it comes to the client’s workout most independent personal trainers that put clients through sweaty heart pounding workouts. This is because trainers are generally left alone to do whatever they want with their clients as there is no standard to adhere to.


Most trainers like their clients to leave the session exhausted even though the clients goal is to reshape their body and not be beaten up X amount of times per week. More often than not the trainer shares the same personal goals as the client, look and feel as good as possible. Oddly most trainers will train themselves in a completely different manner than they will train clients with similar goals.

Typical trainers are available to their clients only when the client comes in to workout. They are only your trainer when they are right in front of you, not when they are at home or out with friends and family.

At Emerge our Mentors are certified personal trainers and so much more. They must adhere to the Emerge Lifestyle approach of training. The Emerge training approach is to teach and guide clients to workout the same way people in great shape workout. Emerge clients workout the exact same way the Emerge Mentors do. Emerge Mentors also eat the way the Emerge clients eat, the Mentors truly live up to their title in and out of the studio.

Unlike most trainers, Emerge Mentors are available to their clients to answer questions of motivate any time of the day and day of the week. Clients need to be mentored in and out of the studio so your Mentor can be reached by phone, email, text, etc. whenever you need them. At Emerge we understand that changing one’s lifestyle can be daunting and challenging so we want to make sure the client is guided through the whole process.